Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thanks to our volunteers for a fresh new look!

 Thanks so much to our super special volunteers Rosemary Serfillipi, Jay Babina, Jim Durkin, Linda, Beagle, Timothee Graze, Paul Egan, and Liz Egan who worked hard to put a fresh coat of paint on all the CAS display boards.  Thanks to Linda Beagle for her thorough cleaning of the closet shelves and for sweeping out the whole closet.  Over 25 WW2 era cots were removed from the days when Town Hall was an emergency
       shelter facility.  Thanks to Jim Durkin for getting a hold of Camp Hazen who will be able to repurpose them!  As Jay says, "Many hands make light work", and everything went so smoothly. Some sandwiches and "crispy" homemade cookies made for a delicious treat while the paint dried.  All done! and ready for a great CAS season of exhibition!  Thank you all!

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