Saturday, June 24, 2017

68th Annual Summer Juried Exhibition Prospectus - Inventory Sheet clarification

68th Annual Summer Juried Exhibition

Several artists have contacted me (thanks so much!) and were confused about the double-sided Inventory Sheet that was included with the Prospectus to this summer's juried exhibition.  For many people, this was their first time preparing to enter the CAS exhibit so I wanted to make sure to clarify.

Any artist (over 18 years old) can enter up to two pieces into the juried show under the guidelines listed in the prospectus.  Members (Elected and Associate) will pay $15 for the first piece and $5 for the second as an entry fee.  Non-members will be paying $20 for the first piece and $10 for the second piece as a entry fee.  All of these paintings will be juried. There are NO automatic entries this year.  CAS will take 20% commission on any sales of these paintings once they are juried in.

The $30 paintings are for Elected Members of Clinton Art Society.  Each year, there has been a special display rack in our exhibition space by the sitter's table where these  $30 paintings are exhibited.  All of these paintings are non-juried and must be for sale for $30 each.  Generally they are very small pieces.  It is nicer if they are framed, but they must at least be matted, in a protective glassine sleeve if you have one.  no stray papers.  An Elected Member may submit up to 4 of these $30 paintings for sale during the exhibition. The proceeds of the sale of the first of these paintings will go to Clinton Art Society.  If any of the artist's remaining $30 paintings sell, the entire sale price will go to the artist, no commission.

In addition, the 68th Annual Juried Exhibition will be open during the Congregational Church Fair across the street in early August.  We will be posting further opportunities for artists to exhibit additional items for sale during these times.  Look for a special notice about this at Receiving, Monday, July 17 between 2 and 6 p.m.

I hope this clarifies this for you.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.  I am now out of school for the summer and am better able to respond to your questions and concerns.

Look forward to seeing you July 17!
Liz Egan
Clinton Art Society

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