Thursday, July 20, 2017

Clinton Art Society 68th Annual Summer Juried Exhibition
Catalogues of Accepted Entries
Names in BOLD FACE are 2017 Prize Winners
Reception Sunday, July 23  2-4 p.m.
Andrews Memorial Town Hall Green Room - Public is welcome

1          Richard Raicik                      Beyond Repair, watercolor          
2          Jane White                           Old Barn in Haddam, watercolor          
3          Joanna Chapin                    Himalayan Blue Poppy, watercolor
4          Paul Loescher                      Acadia Cliff, watercolor  
5          Mike Eagle                           2 Catboats Above the Baldwin, watercolor 
6          Cora Preibis                          Irises, watercolor     
7          Bonnie Desaulnier              Maddie at the Window, graphite
8          Pamela Valvano Gibson    Marley's Legacy, oil  
9          Kelly Clark                           Sparkle, oil  
10        Mark Langdale Hough      Magnificat, oil on damascened panel 
11        Diane Coyle                         Karlskrona I, oil  
12        Hilary Griffin                        Stairs and Stripes, watercolor 
13        Bob Desaulnier                   Quarry, watercolor and gouache
14        Judith Hamilton Jerome   Genesis Garden, mixed media
15        Linda Deluca                       Coneflowers, acrylic
16        Liz Egan                                Spring I: The Yellow House, gouache
17        Joseph Roberti                   Fiorello, watercolor
18        Joan Hammeal                   Golden Fields, oil
19        Christine Webster              Boys Escape, pastel 
20        Mike Eagle                          Summer's End, watercolor 
21        Maryanne Rupp                 Morning Mist, pastel 
22        Mary Horrigan                     Workshop Demo, watercolor
23        Denette Dasinger                Oranges, More Oranges, pastel
24        Roy Wrenn                            Block Island Sunrise, acrylic
25        Robert Meyers                     Approaching Storm, oil 
26        Barbara Elliott                       Red Barn at Leetes Island, pastel
27        Louise Stanton                      Monhegan View, oil
28        Betsey Evarts                         The Moraine Trail, watercolor
29        Carol Ridgway                       Blue Chairs, oil
30        Ellie Bender                            The Lady in Red, pastel
31        Ellie Bender                           Next Stop New Haven, pastel 
32        Mary Horrigan                       Sunday Stroll, watercolor   850
33        Layne                                       Emergence, acrylic
34        Liz Egan                                   Bearded Irises, acrylic
35        Jill Beecher Matthew           Goldenrod on Lower Pond, oil
36        Eugene Healy                         Watch Hill, mixed media 
37        Len Sawyer                               Shoreline Secrets, oil 
39        Peggy Pansa                            Fleur Glass, acrylic 
40        Carl Puleo                               Fruit of the Spirit, oil
41        Sandra Kensler                       Yellow Iris, oil 
42        Christine Ivers                         After the Concert, pastel 
43        Margaret Dean                       Path to the Farm, oil 
44        Thomas Torrenti                     On the Connecticut River, oil 
45        Robert Meyers                       Hay Field, oil 
46        Penelope Chittenden             Rythmic Erosion, watercolor
47        Marie Cardi Etherington             The Quartet, oil  
48        John Copelin                                    Copper Beech #1, watercolor 
49        John Copelin                                 Copper Beech #2, watercolor
50        Stuart Alan Lerner                          That's the Easy Part, sculpture 
51        Timothee        Graze                    Exploding Pumpkin, mixed media 
52        Sister Joan      Bernard                Floral Abundance, ink  
53        Stewart            Byron                     Final Act, assemblage 
54        Cheryl              Sorensen              Hobnail Lemons, oil 
55        Marge              Casey                    The Red Teapot, oil
56        Patricia            Seekamp              Reflection, pastel  
57        Phyllis             Bevington             St. Francis in the Garden, oil  
58        Richard            Raicik                    Fifty Something, watercolor 
59        Bruce               Lighty                    Before the Art Center, watercolor 
60        Irene                 Laime                     Winter Snow and Shadows, watercolor 
61        Joanne            McCarty                 Vinca, mixed media 
62        Marilee B.       Noonan                Devine Wine, oil  
63        Cheri                Weymann             Blueglass Reflections, watercolor
64        Cora                 Preibis                  Afternoon Repast, watercolor 
65        Juliet               Sharrock               Lost, collage 
67        Nancy               Rusatsky               City Trees, acrylic
68        Kelly                 Clark                      Beneath the Surface, mixed media 
69        Amy Amelia    White                    Lee Ann & Molly, Oil 
70        Judith              Gay                        At the Photographer, watercolor 
71        Cathy                Weiss                   Seth's Light at Mystic Museum, mixed media
72        Betsey             Evarts                    Where's the Train?, watercolor
73        Kathy                Coogan                 Miss Lilly, pastel 
74        David               Burnham              Sands of Time, mixed media 
75        Donna             Favreau                The Boys of Summer, oil 
76        Pat                    Anderson             Baseball Collage, watercolor 
77        Michele           Sinkez                   Child's Play, watercolor 
78        Sandra              Kensler                  Gods and Goddesses, oil on pillar 
79        Jim                   Grabowski           Night Music Saved, acrylic 
80        Sandra             Smith                    Sweet Peas, oil 
81        Michele           Sinkez                   Pears from Above ,watercolor
82        Beverly            Schirmeier           River Run, pastel 
83        Margaret         Dean                     Rascal, oil 
84        Deanna J.        Mozzochi              Pineapple Passion, watercolor 
85        Christina         Lutjen (Geary)      Coneflowers, oil 
86        Linda               Beagle                  Ruby in the Garden, oil 
88        Blythe              Colby                     Peony Petals, watercolor & ink 
89        Kristine           McMahon             Autumn Pines, oil 
90        Sal                    Naclerio               Roadway, acrylic 
91        Nancy               Rusatsky               Sanctum, acrylic  
91        Diane              Podrat                   Fantasy, watercolor  
92        Celeste            DiNello                 The Family, oil  
93        Linda               Beagle                  Under the Moonlight, oil  
95        Diana              Rogers                  Spring Grasses, pastel 
96        Joan                 Hammeal             Marshes, oil 
97        Bill                   Colrus                   Watery Illusions, oil  
98        Muci                 Clemens               Out to Pasture, oil  
99        Marge              Casey                    5-1/2 Fugis, oil 
100      Bruce               Lightly                   Beneath Snow's Block, watercolor 
101      Denise            Casey                    Sundown, acrylic 
102      Pat Anderson                                Indian River View, watercolor 
103      Judith Gay                                      Dance Nerves, watercolor 
104      Cindy Stevens                                Surf in the Cove, oil  
105      Donna Favreau                               The Centerpiece, Oil 
106      Roy Wrenn                                     Watching the Tide, acrylic
107      Layne                                              The Gull and I, acrylic 
108      Karen Wiesner                               Winter's Path, pastel  
109      Jim Durkin                                     Fishing Boats, Victoria BC, watercolor 
111      Denise Casey                                Sunflowers & African Violets, Acrylic  
112      Juliet Sharrock                              Outsiders, Collage 
113      Jane White                                    The Little Island, pastel
114      Linda Deluca                                 Mystic Sunset, acrylic  
115      Beverly Schirmeier                       Poppies at Fenwick, pastel
116      William Seekamp                        Turbulent, oil  
117      Amy Amelia White                       A Moment in the Life of Olivia G., oil  
118      Jill Beecher Matthew                  Afternoon Shadows, oil 
119      Muci Clemens                            Packard Aura, oil  
120      Susan Bukowsky                          Scenic Road Stop, Norway, oil 
121      Susan Seseske Wolanic              Nuthatch, watercolor  
122      Rosemary Serfilippi                    Tigger, oil  
123      Suzanne Burnham                       Bulldog, pencil & charcoal   
124      Martin Mazorra                           Homeward Bound, woodcut 
125      Betsey Piner                                  Chanticleer, mixed media 
126      Louise Stanton                               Lobster Cove - Monhegan, oil 
127      Len Sawyer                                    Shoreline Strata, oil  
128      Richard Cretella                           Olio, mixed media 
129      Blythe Colby                                  End of Summer's Bounty, watercolor &pencil
130      Rosemary Serfilippi                    Twenty-First Century Pieta, oil
131      Paul Loescher                               Autumn Swamp, watercolor
132      Keiko Kaiser                                  Scene at Dusk, watercolor  
133      Cheryl Cwiertmiewicz                  Fleur-de-lis, watercolor 
134      Joanna Chapin                                Elephant Trio, watercolor 
135      Ron Imbriglio                                Tangerine Peel and Plum, watercolor 
136      Eugene Healy                                  The Front, mixed media  
137      Maryanne Rupp                            End of Day, pastel  
138      Jim Grabowski                              Lots Next Door, Acrylic
139      Betsey Piner                                  Stargazer, oil  
140      Anne Bingham Pierson, MD       Delphinium, Bee Balm & Clematis, watercolor 

I apologize for not posting this sooner.  I relied on the fact that we sent the notifications in Tuesday's mail (actually Monday night!) . I apologize if there was confusion.
If you are unable to make it between 4 and 7 pm TONIGHT THURSDAY, JULY 20 for non-selected work!!! Please contact me to make alternative arrangements.  
END of SHOW PICK Up is all day Monday, August 15 from 9 am - 4 pm.

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