Monday, August 7, 2017

Sold Painting, Unknown Artist

Is this your painting?????
This is a $30 painting that was sold last week at the CAS 68th Annual Summer Exhibition.  It was unsigned.  The buyer, who lives in Virginia, fell in love with it, purchased it, and took it home to Virginia.  She wrote me to see if she could find out more information about the artist, and information about the painting and its inspiration.  If you created this painting or know who did, could you contact Liz at  Or call me at (860) 669-4487.  Thanks!!

Art Critique - Thanks again to our juror Mark Patnode for a great Art Critique last Thursday.  Lots of great food and lots of time talking about each artist's work.  Mark has agreed to do a demo in November.  Stay tuned for more details!

Art & Artisan's Fair - If you are out and about this weekend, or on your way to the Clinton Congregational Church Fair, stop by the CAS Art & Artisan's Fair this Friday, August 11 from 1 - 7pm and Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm.  CAS will have a tent on the lawn outside the Green Room and several tables of artist's crafts set up inside the center area of the Exhibit.  There will be two demos as well.  Cathy Weiss will do a demo on painted silk scarves at 11:00 am Saturday.  She will also have a free raffle for the the finished product.  Liz Egan will do a demo of Potato Print Stationary Saturday at 2:00 pm.  Take home a set of postcards and notecards!
Our rack of $30 paintings will be outside on display under the tent, hoping to capture the 1,000 plus people that go to the CC Summer Fair!  The more people we can get to stop at our outside booth, the more people we may get inside to our exhibit!

End-of-Show Pick-Up - Volunteers will be taking down the 68th Annual Summer Juried Exhibition MONDAY, AUGUST 14 after 9 am.  Artists may pick up their work anytime during the day Monday from 9-4 pm.  Please sign out your work when you pick it up.  
Our Exhibit is open through the end of the day on Sunday.  Do not attempt to pick up your work Sunday.  Any work not picked up will be brought to my home.  Artists who have not made alternative arrangements will be charged a $25 storage fee.  Work will not be left at Town Hall.  Please make arrangements with a friend if you cannot pick up your work.  Or contact Liz at 860-669-4487.

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