Monday, December 14, 2020

Paint IT! Session #1 Reference (1 of 4)

Paint IT! is HERE!

WHAT IS IT?:  A fun way to stay motivated, paint more, receive feedback, and stay connected with artist colleagues throughout the winter months.  This will be in addition to our weekly Critiques on Zoom which will continue on Thursdays from 10am - 12noon.


HOW IT WORKS:  For each Paint IT! Session, we will provide you with a photo reference via e-mail at least ONE WEEK in advance.  Reference photos will vary from session to session  to cover all genres—landscape, still life, interior, etc.  Photos will also be available on our website,

· Use any media to INTERPRET the reference photo into your own work of art.

· Take a photo of your sketches, work in progress, and/or finished piece(s).

· E-mail your photos by 8 pm the DAY PRIOR to the Paint IT! Critique to

· You will receive a confirmation and a link to the Zoom Critique by reply e-mail.

· Using the link, join the Critique to participate in a discussion about the interpretations, the development of composition, and as well as individual’s use of materials.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:  Click on the link in Clinton Art Society’s weekly e-Newsletter.  If you don’t get the e-Newsletter, go to and add you name to the list by clicking on the “Join E-Mail List” link in the right hand column.

This is NOT a class.  You will learn from from the this open dialogue with other artists who are examining similar compositional questions and elements.  

QUESTIONS?  Call Liz Egan at 860-304-7345.


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